8 Nov

Another update from the Scow:
Yesterday the North-Easter came on early, but, as it wasn’t raining much, and the front part of the shop was dry, I decided to drill the stop-waters through the keel. It’s too technical to explain. And it’s not that interesting. Just another arcane operation that’s necessary to keep water out of the boat.
Anyway, It was blowing a gale, but, I was absorbed, so I didn’t notice.
I left for lunch when I got a voicemail from Dick Iacovello, relaying a message from a nearby realtor, that the boat shed was swaying in the wind.
The wind, by the way that has been shaking my domicile now for about 24 hours.
I thought it prudent to check out the report, even though I had just left minutes ago. Turns out that the screws had broken in some of the diagonal bracing, allowing the building more motion than was healthy.
Now, I do love storms, and, although it was wet and blowing steady in the forties, with gusts over sixty (Still is), I decided that it would be better to remedy the situation, than succumb to the temptation to trust that the remaining screws would hold. Generally, when something starts to work in a blow, it just continues to deteriorate.
So, I armed myself with some heavy duty construction fastenings, the kind that you screw in, but are stronger than lag bolts, and climbed around the frame (Ladders would blow down), and did a short patch job, planning to finish up after taking my lunch, which I don’t usually allow a storm to delay.
Well, I was in the kitchen, a kitchen that Karen Coffee, my lovely landlady informs me once belonged to Carly Simon, but that’s another story, when Tyler Adler called from the boat-shed, offering his help.
Tyler’s a good friend of Jake’s, a superb and fearless athlete. I decided that my lunch could wait, and the two of us climbed up and down the diagonals, securing them as we went, until the shed was once more shipshape.
We were pretty wet and windblown by he time we were finished. It probably only took a half hour. But. We were also storm infused with the kind of rush that nature always instills in her less bashful moments.
I’m waiting for the this persistent inclemency to pass so I can get back to planking.
They give good weather tomorrow.

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