30 Dec

Update on Seeker.
The other day, we had a flood. It was even worse than hurricane Sandy. Most of the site was underwater. Well, that’s the waterfront. It was actually easier to float the planks over to the work stations. We got four planks on. I don’t wear boots, I like the mobility of sneakers. Anyway, Ken Gillie came down and helped. He was wearing boots. White boots. Just sayin. The tide eventually receded, and by the next day, most of the water had drained off.
Last night we had a rain/sleet/freeze. I figured it was coming, so, at the end of the day, Wayne Sweezy suggested we cover the wood. I was going to anyway, but Wayne was fresh off a bad cold, and I didn’t want him to overdue it. But, as he volunteered….. Anyway, those planks are heavy, but we managed to consolidate and cover them up. Good thing. When I got to the site this morning, everything was covered in a half inch of ice. If we hadn’t covered up the wood, I’d be spending about an hour on each plank, just scraping off the ice. Wayne’s a rock.
Anyway, it was biting cold and windy, but, this is New England. I bundled up and just started planking. I did a lot of hand flapping in the morning, trying to keep my hands warm, but as the day wore on, I forgot about the weather, and had a great day planking. By now, I have a simple system that allows me to work alone. It’s become like a game. Have the port side planked, and nearly four runs of plank on the starboard. The seeker is fast becoming a boat. I figure about fifteen more days ought to see her planked.

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