11 Jan

update on Seeker,
Well, forty-five days ago, the planking began. With the exception of two frigid days, I haven’t missed a day. It’s just not a good idea to stop until the jobs done. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway. Today, I put the last plank on the starboard side, so both sides are planked. I still have to do some fussy work at the chine, but, this is a milestone in the planking. I had already brought the bottom out from the keel as far as I could go. You have to finish the sides, then overlap them with the bottom. It would make sense to do the sides first, but the bottom is so brutal, you don’t want to do the easy part and have the hard part hanging over you. Well, it’s starting to look like a boat. A few more weeks and it will be completely planked up.

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