18 Jan

Update on Seeker,
Captain Bob Douglas showed up on one of his many inspection tours. The 70 foot curve at the chine having just been planed to fair. Meaning the curve was graceful and without humps or hollows. Bob has a keen eye for boat lines. Once, about thirty years ago, when rebuilding a 48 foot pilot cutter for him, I deliberately left the forward section of the sheer about an eight inch strong on the Starboard side. He looked at the port and nodded, then, after a careful inspection asked, “Could it be a little full just forward of the cabin house?” It was, but that’s an eight inch in fifty feet. So, to have him join me in admiring the beauty of the scows lines, was satisfying. Wait until you see the photos.
Now that the bottom edge of the side planks are perfected, it’s time to close up the bottom, which is what I’m presently doing, as the bottom planks over lap the side planks. Captain Douglas also suggested installing green heart exterior planks over the cypress at the chine to protect it when she’s beached or goes aground. The scow is better off for his keen interest and wise advice.
Paul Antonelli showed up in the late afternoon, updating me on his movie, “The Sea of Destiny.” In typical Paul style, he also helped me mill out and install one of the bottom planks.

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