19 Jan

Update on Seeker,
Today was in the forties, but it was gusting into the fifties. So I wasn’t sure how my eight year old apprentice, Nate London, was going to hold up. We put up a bottom plank at the stern, which took about an hour, it was only fourteen feet, then we took lunch at the Little House Cafe, Nate’s favorite, where we dined and talked of many things. Then we went back to the Seeker. We milled out three more planks, one a twenty two footer, and installed a tricky plank in the bow. Nate never blinked. He’s a little tank. Held his end, and was attentive. The wind was blowing so hard that we had to put on goggles to keep the saw dust out of our eyes. Around quitting time, I asked him if he’d like to call it quits. He answered, “a little.” I realized he wasn’t going to abandon me to the face the task alone, so I told him I was about through. We drove to his home, full of a job well done. You can’t buy a day like that. Dick Iacovello made it down after 10 days, and he promised to post the new photos tonight.

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