23 Jan

Update on Seeker,
The last several days have landed winter on the Vineyard. Looking out the window at the blowing snow, and the cold north wind’s reflection on waves, (wind in the southern quarters reflects the suns light as it does in summer, north wind’s only message is cold) caused me to consider if I really wanted to spend the days outside. The desire to see more planks on the Seeker overrode my aversion to cold. So, I bundled up and went out. Surprisingly, Monday wasn’t that bad. It looked worse than it was. I spent the day fitting some difficult twisting planks, fore and aft, and went home satisfied. Yesterday was colder, but I found an old hooded windbreaker in the closet, too small, but after cutting off the sleeves and making it into a hooded vest, with my coveralls on top, trading my sneakers for warm work boots, and a warm pair of arctic gloves, I found the day not only bearable but enjoyable. Dan Martino, the film maker who’s documenting the project, came by to capture the days work. He’s a young man, but made of the stuff that the old timers respect. We agreed that lying on our backs with a freezing wind blowing snow and saw dust in our faces, while drilling and driving screws into three inch planking was the perfect way to spend the day.
After Dan left to ready his new house for his new bride, Carton Sprague showed up and shoveled the snow off of the bandsaw mill. Shortly thereafter, young Miles Thurlow showed up in his cherry 1950(?) flatbed carrying a load of yellow pine lumber. They conspired to saw through the pile, and several hours later, beams were turned into posts for Mile’s mother’s new porch.
About three o:clock, I was fitting a tricky bottom plank at the port side stern, when a jilt post I had set slipped and my hand was unhappily caught in the process. It hurt like hell, and I think I may have invented some new and clever combinations of Anglo Saxon verbiage. After inspection revealed nothing more than bruise and swelling, I wrestled the plank back into position, and this time, added another prop. My hands fine, a bit puffy this morning, and I only mentioned it because it happened, it’s part of the tale of the Seeker.
Today is in the teens. The seagulls are hunkered down, and so am I. Teens are too damned cold unless you’re young.

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