9 Feb

Seeker update.
We lost power last night, but it was restored early this morning. No big deal.
My tranquility was disturbed by the sudden appearance of the Shellfish Warden and Harbormaster pulling into my backyard. At first, I thought they may have come with bad news regarding the Seeker, but it was bad news for Dan and Karen, my landlords, as their houseboat moored behind their property, had leaked some kind of oil into the water, a clearly visible and unmistakable sheen on the surface. The officers placed what looked like thick napkins on the spill. I assume they were to act as sponges.
After chopping the three inches of frozen snow and ice off my windshield, I headed to the boatyard. Barreling through the snowplow formed drift, I was able to make it into the site. Snow had drifted through the entire site, leaving everything uncovered encased in snow. It was beautiful, but annoying. The good news is that the extra precautions I took yesterday to shore up the roof was effective in sustaining the extra weight of the snow. I looked around the harbor and didn’t notice any boats in trouble, so decided to take a drive out to West Chop to view the effect of the storm on the sea, always inspiring and humbling. It’s those scenes that modify my decisions at sea. I prefer to avoid confrontations with mother nature. I read on the New York Times today that a inquiry is underway into the sinking of the Bounty. The decision to put to sea into the teeth of a hurricane, when in a snug harbor has everyone baffled.
I hope this is it for storms.
Yesterday, when my fingers were so wet and cold that I wanted to cry, what motivated me was the consequences of quitting. Such is the fuel of mettle. But big undertakings require fortitude. What really keeps me focused, is the support and faith of my friends and family. It takes many hands to make a masterpiece, and not all of those hands perform physical work.

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