15 Feb

Update on Seeker.
I learned from Jake that Brant Ben David was the culprit who plowed the circular drive to the boat shed. I’ve never met anyone more willing to lend a hand.
Finished off the last of the kiln drid planks today, still have a few more rows to go on the bottom, but it’s almost complete. Will have to dry some more planks in order to do so. No big deal, I think I’ll frame out the port light (window) openings, then work on the companion way and deck hatches, reading the raised fore and aft decks for planking, as well as the deck itself.
Seeing the boat nearly planked is satisfying. Working everyday the weather allowed has been a marathon, but, I’m no the worse for wear, and the Seeker is now a boat.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Wayne Sweezy, I’d like an update. He’s been my most steady worker, and not hearing from him for what seems like a couple of months has me on the verge of being worried about him.
Supposed to get crappy weather this weekend. I hope to at least get Saturday in, as it’s only supposed to snow a little, and be in the thirties.

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