21 Feb

This is the last post regarding my new eyesight until after the other eye get’s done. That will be interesting to me, as I’ve always had a dominant right eye, which has caused some interesting ambidexterity, as I’m a lefty.
The effects of whatever they did to numb the right side of my face hadn’t worn off when I posted last night, so, I thought I’d give a better description this morning.
I had no idea what I’d been missing. This morning, just after sunrise, I went out to my solarium, stood and gazed as the sun rose over Lagoon Pond, a salt water pond connected to the sound by a draw bridge.
I marveled as I could once again see the panorama of life unfolding on and above the rippled waters. A school of diving ducks were plying their trade about a hundred yards off shore. A flock of black ducks flew low over the water, streaking to wherever it is they know best they should be. I could clearly and distinctly see the herring gulls bobbing for scallops in the shallows, as their fellow flock-mates scoured the shallows from above. Watching them wheel and swoop, sharp and defined against the gray-blue-dawn-sky evoked sight memories that lay hostage to times gentle theft. As I scanned the pond, a view that encompasses many miles, I was able to see each buoy, each stick that’s used as a buoy, and every waterfowl, as far away as a half mile, although I couldn’t make out the sitting birds for sure, it did seem that I could recognize the difference in profile between ducks and gulls.
On my way to the store to buy raspberries and cereal, I was shocked to see the faces of the drivers of oncoming cars, and only then realized that I had long ago given up noticing who they may have been, out of practicality.
As I sit here typing, occasionally looking out the window to Vineyard Haven Harbor, the blueness of the water, the white mast tips of the wooden boats, the ability to see the individual ripples, delights my eyes.
As I drove past the Seeker, I was surprised to see the sharp edges of her lines.
All in all, I’ve received a great gift. One more thing. The doctor who performed the operation, Dr. Shingleton, is renowned. Some way he’s the best in the world. I wouldn’t know, but after my experience, I would recommend him and his clinic to everyone. It’s easy to recognize being valued, and the staff there treated us all like we were family. I really mean that, except maybe I’ll qualify that by saying the part of the family that loving. All in all, yesterday was a wonderful day.

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