27 Feb

Update on Seeker,
Yesterday was the first day I was returned to the Seeker since gaining 20/20 vision in my right eye. I decided to take it easy, as I’m under doctor’s orders to do so. I have a marine architect whose helping me with the Coast Guard Certification, who needs the layout of the deck. He’s not helping me with design, I know what I want, but I couldn’t wade through the technicalities of the process without help. There’s all kinds of specific requirements, such as collision and water tight bulkheads, stability tests, etc. He’s also helping me with the size and placement of the engines.
So, I clambered around the deck frames, aware that my eye surgery and newly corrected vision had altered my prospective. It took a while for my balance to get used to the new visuals, but, I managed to capture all the measurements and get them on paper, a task that I’ve put off for months because I didn’t want to take the hours away from planking. It was very satisfying to look down through the deck beams and see the fully planked boat.
It’s miserable out today, and the rain washes through the boat shed when the wind is up.
I hope to get an all clear on Friday when I get my check-up.
That’s all for now, except I’m chafing to get back to work.

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