7 Mar

Spent the morning preparing to haul Dan and Karen’s houseboat behind my domicile. A job that was windy wet, cold, miserable and sort of enjoyable, as are most things involved with the sea.
It’s an interesting situation. The houseboat’s been there forever, and it’s something of an eyesore, but, we all have our opinions and attachments, and we’re all entitled to them. After all, some people think the Seeker project is an eyesore.
The next door neighbor, who I’ll not name, has been rabid in his dislike of the houseboat, and has tirelessly worked to have it removed, contacting all sorts of boards, committees, harbormasters, etc. in his attempts to have it removed, and has, as well, visited many discourtesies upon both Dan and Karen, and myself, regarding the houseboat, but then again, our history is long and convoluted. So, finally he’s gotten his wish, or so he thinks. The conservation committee has ordered the boats removal. Now this next door neighbor is a wonderful gardener who, in his disdain for his neighbors, and his understandable love of privacy, constructed and planted a beautiful living fence, using all kinds of plantings including a tremendous rose bush that had become the habitat for many small birds. Anyway, since the boat has to be removed, the neighbor evidently decided to take out the last thirty feet of that beautiful living fence, in order to take advantage, I suppose, of the eastern water view, sans houseboat. Well, it may have backfired on this particular neighbor, as the only place that Dan can afford to store the houseboat, is exactly along the now barren fence-line. The neighbor’s reward for his bullying will be that the houseboat will be his entire view, rather than merely an object in the landscape. Dan, doesn’t have a reputation for quick action regarding his possessions. I think the Houseboat sat in it’s previous location for twenty years.
So, before we try to force our values on our neighbors, it would do well to remember the old saw. “What did the skunk say when the wind changed…?
It all comes back to me now.”

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