17 Mar

Update on Seeker,
The rough openings for the windows are all in on the port side, and started on the Starboard. It looks great. I’m sure Dick will be posting photos.
Speaking of Dick Iacovello, I need you. Ernie Boch Jr. is coming to the site Monday afternoon, and I want to present him with a Seeker tee-shirt for himself, and for his kids. Also, calling Paul Antonelli. I need your help too. The site isn’t quite ship-shape, and if you have an hour, it would be great.
Charlie Mead, an old friend, gifted the Seeker a beautiful 1828 wood and brass telescope. It’s beautiful but was in dire need of cleaning. Charlie had soaked it in WD40, but wasn’t able to dismantle it. My stalwart mechanic and all round indispensable help, Wayne Sweezy, took one look at it, had me hold one end of a section, as he simply unscrewed the heretofore frozen threads. Turns out Charlie did a better job than he thought. Anyway, Wayne took it home at lunch, and when he returned, he’d cleaned all the lenses, I think there are four, and it now works as well as any modern telescope. It’s a beautiful gift, and perfectly appropriate to the Seeker. Thanks Charlie and Wayne.

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