18 Mar

Another good day on the Seeker.
The raised fo’c’sle has the windows framed in on the Starboard side. Three more to go on the Starboard quarterdeck, and then on to either planking the above mentioned areas, or to making up the curbs that will accept the deck hatches, skylights, and companionways.
Wayne Sweezy is having a good week. First he performs miracles on the telescope, and today, he completely serviced the bandsaw, replacing the main plug and trouble shooting the rack and pinion assembly that controls and tilts the table. It works with the ease of a sewing machine. Several others have looked into the same problem and came up short. I won’t mention any names, but, one of those who couldn’t get it to work, lurks in my mirror.
Had fun trying out a new tool. A professional quality electric carving tool. It has a small circular spinning blade, with chainsaw type teeth. It worked as well as it’s hype. Very easy to control. One of these day’s Dick will catch me working with it.
Ernie Boch Jr. never appeared. At least he didn’t stop in. If he drove by, he’d have been pleased with the appearance of the site.
Storm tomorrow. I’ll spend the day reworking the plans to reflect what we’ve built. And. About to launch several funding campaigns. One on Indiegogo. More of that as we get ready to launch.

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