25 Mar

It’s been a good couple of days at the Seeker.
Have one small window to frame out, and then on to the next phase: the deck house “curbs.”
Meanwhile, after Paul Antonelli did a heavy clean-up at the site, Tim Winchell spent two days cleaning, raking, sorting and manicuring the entire site, in a manner that would make a Drill Sargent proud.
I think this is the first time I’ve mentioned Tim, but it’s not the first time he’s helped out. Tim’s a talented artist. He’s presently making something unusual and beautiful. It’s a little known fact that Scallop shells come in every color imaginable. You just have to sort through thousands of them to find the treasures. After finding the most beautiful ones, Tim cleans them with a process he developed, then takes natural clay from the island, makes molds of the inside of the clay and fires them. This strengthens the otherwise fragile shells, which he’s using to make tiles with. When he’s finished, We’ll post the results.
Meanwhile, Ralph Packer came by and donated forty gallons of very expertise
This in anticipation of Ernie Boch Jr’s property managers visit to the site today at 1:00 pm.
Meanwhile, Ralph packer came by and donated forty gallons of horribly expensive marine paint to the project. Thousands of dollars worth.
Wayne continued his refurbishing of the bandsaw.
This is what makes the Vineyard a great place to live.

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