27 Mar

Update on Seeker,
The six super heavy duty saw horses that Ken Gillie made up were constructed in such a way that I was able to extend them into scaffolding. I’m sure Dick Iacovello will include a photo. Thanks Ken. I’m finished with framing the rough openings of the windows, and have started fairing the frames that will accept the planking on the raised Fo’c’sle and Quarterdeck. The sawhorse scaffolding will shave a day off that operation.
Ken Gillie also came with some more good news. He’s been clearing a path for one of the islands non-profit land foundations, and encountered a group of Spruce trees knocked over by one of the recent storms or hurricanes. He’s put aside wonderfully straight stock for the bowsprit, the main boom, fore boom, main and fore gaffs. This is a great bit of luck, as the trees are remarkably well suited for the purpose, and we were spared the unpleasant task of cutting a living tree. It also saved thousands of dollars if we had to buy them from a dealer.
More good news. Another name I haven’t mentioned is Jeff Leonard. He’s one of those guys that can do anything well. To independent to have gone into a field where his intelligence would have been recognized, he made the mistake that a lot of us have, and that was to get involved with boats and woodworking. Only Jeff took his skills to the top. He’s also a metal worker, and when he get’s bored he drives a big rig across country utilizing his class a license. Jeff has lent the project somewhere in the vicinity of fifty clamps, without which I’d have been hard pressed. Anyway, he was watching me frame in the last of the windows and asked me what I had in mind for the windows themselves. Turns out he was also a glass guy. By the end of the conversation, he offered to make up the windows, and had a great idea for integrating them into the planking.
Once again, the islands greatest asset, it’s inhabitants, is moving the project forward to the launching date which I’ll announce tomorrow.

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