12 Apr

The window rough openings are complete and the transoms fore and aft are planked. I thought I would have to take two weeks off due to eye surgery, but got the go ahead after one week. The healing was quicker than expected. I took advantage of that reprieve by shoring up the deck beams, making them uniform. Let me explain. Boat building is chasing a constantly changing sphere through a construction process using a non-homogenous material (wood) that has unpredictable tendencies, all of which must be wrangled in order to produce a suitable end result. In the instance of deck beams, it was interesting to see how oak beams, each carefully and accurately cut, changed shape after being left to their own devises for a period of time. Some of them kept the shape they were cut to, others simply straightened out, while still others twisted. Shoring up the beams from below, forcing the crown back into them, and forcing them into presentability, took a full day, but the result was quite satisfying. Then, careful measurements were taken to insure that the deck hatches, companionways, and skylights will fall in line with the planking. Adjustments were completed so that the work on the above mentioned deck assemblies will conform to intent.
The next day where it’s not miserable day will see the above deck work begin.

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