18 Apr

This is a big day for Seeker. We’ve launched our funding campaign on Indiegogo.
Everyone who loves this project can help out. If you’re able to contribute funds, great. If you’re not able to, commenting on the site, helps enormously. The more buzz, the further the project moves towards being featured by the site.
The work is going well. We now have a great 24-inch-thickness-planer, provided by Ralph Packer. It’s amazing. We couldn’t be doing the deck joinery without it. Perfect timing. It’s the old belt driven type I mentioned earlier, one of the belts actually made of Buffalo leather.
So, we’re now well into installing the hatch-coamings, in preparation for decking.
More great news. Beyer, of Beyer Aspirin, makes an amazing new product, a closed cell insulation that is both fire resistant and waterproof to 98%. Beyer and the local installer have agreed to donate the entire installation. This will give a R35 insulation factor, greatly increase the strength of the boat, and make it unsinkable. Not tempting fate her. Just saying it could swamp, but will have sufficient floatation that it wouldn’t be able to sink. This is a donation in the $10,000. range.
It’s important to make contributions in the first couple of days, as the campaign is pulled if there’s no action in the first 2 days.
The funding campaign will last for 45 days.

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