19 Apr

Yesterday we continued work on the hatch coamings. That work will be completed today. The coamings are the part of the hatch that is permanently affixed to the boat. The hatch closes onto the coaming. First we build the coaming, then the hatch. One of the coamings is for an opening four hatch skylight. These are beautiful examples of form following function.
Meanwhile, anyone reading this can help out with the Indiegogo campaign by writing comments on the site. It’s important in that comments are part of the formula that help the site get published to the public.
The “new” (1928 model) planer is working great. The oak coming out straight and smooth.
Wayne sweezy has been invaluable as usual. He’s steady and takes on the most tedious projects with patience.

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  1. Dick Iacovello April 22, 2013 at 9:37 am #

    Today the teak wood is arriving, I plan to be there when it arrives so I can take photos & post in my album, on my FaceBook page, (Seeker the Scow).look for them there.
    more good photo documentation coming!

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