24 Apr

Update on Seeker.
The weather sucks, but I’ll be out there today as the rain’s stopped.
I’ve posted a new photo on the Indiegogo site as can be seen below.
We’ve raised over $3,000.00 so far, in five days. Thanks to all who have contributed or shared or commented on the Indiegogo site.
The way that crowd funding sites work is that millions of people get to see a campaign on the site, and out of those, many are willing to contribute. The problem is, almost no one goes through the thousands of campaigns, searching for ones of interest to them. They wait until they see something featured on the site. Sites that are featured are well managed and stand the best chance of being funded. So people contribute accordingly. Campaigns that get the most buzz are the ones that get featured. That’s why comments left on the Indiegogo site have such value. If you connect to Indiegogo via Facebook, you don’t have to leave personal information. Please make a comment and ask your friends to do the same. This is a grand act of creativity. Any action taken is a part of the creative process.
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