28 Apr

Been Commenting on the Indiegogo site lately, as my time is taken up with managing the Seeker campaign. It’s going well, but I still need more activity: Liking, sharing the link, leaving comments, it all helps. As of now, the only people who really see this site are friends. If the campaign gets enough activity, it will be featured on the site, so, I’ll include the link again. Share it, Like it or whatever. Leave a comment, or, if you can, a donation. You ought to check out the site, though. It’s pretty cool.
Meanwhile, I’m building the teak companionway hatches. There’s four of them. I love working in teak. It’s such a rich wood, a deep brown that looks almost good enough to eat. Making the hatches is enjoyable. Not all the work is. The planking, for instance, required enormous fortitude. There’s just so much of it, and lying on my back to do the bottom was less than what one might call romantic. But there is something in those kind of tasks that remind one of what they’re made of.
Lately, in my spare moments, with some much needed help, I’ve been slogging through the non-profit process for Seaworthy Inc., the non-profit umbrella that Seeker will partner with. The Brits must use other terms, like the agency, I mean, who could say with a straight face, the bumbershoot that Seeker will partner with.

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