29 Apr

All right. Here it is. After delving into the quaint and curious workings of indiegogo, I’ve come upon the following discovery. In order to advance Seeker the scow campaign, all one has to do is click on the link below, and underneath the video, you’ll see a facebook logo or twitter or whatever. Just hit like. That’s all. No leaving names or personal information. Please encourage your friends to do the same. It will help launch the Seeker.
Meanwhile, aboard the Seeker, the two companionway hatches in the quarterdeck are nearing completion. I’ll have them finished up today, then forward to the raised fo’c’sle to install two more. It’s transformational to see these. Also, stay tuned. I found a view from which the graceful lines of the boat can be seen. I’ll have Dick Iacovello shoot the boat from that position. I think it will surprise.

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