1 May

Seeker update:
The works going well. The Vineyard has it’s share of characters, and they all show up at one time or another at the boat shed. Makes the day interesting.
Got the teak planed and half laps cut on the last two companionway hatches. I should be able to finish them as far as the can be finished without planking up the exteriors of the fo’c’sle and quarterdeck bulkheads.
Donations continue. Mark Clark offered to sand the white pine deck once it’s installed. Gary Lapierre, (I hope I spelled that right) came by with a professional eight inch Fein sander, and JP Uranker made up a blackboard that I’ll be posting updates on. Meanwhile, walking on the deck beams has notably improved my balance. It’s like walking on a series of three inch wide balance beams. It only takes a couple of days to notice an improvement in balance. I’ce taught Tai Chi for twenty years, so I’m certain of my balance. I thought it took a minimum of six weeks to improve balance, but this dancing on the deck beams has changed my opinion. I might set up a balance park on the island as an entertaining way of improving balance.
I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, every click of any kind on the Indiegogo site helps. Share it, Like it, comment on it, whatever, but first, make sure you go to the site.
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