10 May

Update on Seeker.
Yesterday, with my sister Tess’ help, I finished the paperwork on the non-profit to which my sons and I have donated the Seeker. I feel as if I’d been dragged behind a horse. I really would die if I had to do paperwork of that nature for three days running. Flyer, my boat building mentor used to refer to it as “Savage” as in, “I just finished some savage paperwork.” I used to laugh to myself about his choice of words, but now understand completely. Its a wonder that one sibling can thrive on technical paperwork, whereas another is truly beat up by it.
I have no intention, as those who know me well will know, to turn the non-profit, Seaworthy Inc. into something anemic. The Seeker will ply the seas, make Spice runs to the Caribbean, carry freight, enjoy performances of opera, theater and dance, be a distance learning campus for various colleges and other individuals and institutions, as well as operate as a gallery for environmental art. It is the educational programs that will be enhanced by the non-profit. It’s always been the intention to include at-risk youth as crew-members, exposing them to a way of life that will interrupt non-serving patterns, and help them to experience a life where they have the opportunity to flourish. I’m not interested in helping them survive. Most of us survive. This is about having the life that connects to ones birthright, the primal dignity that allows one to reach. The non-profit will also provide funds for connecting our youth the the next phase of life, be it college, trade, or something unique.
In order to kick off this with a splash, I’m asking you to once again, gird your spirits and bombard the Indiegogo site by clicking the attached link, and liking, commenting (it’s easy if you do it through Facebook. Just hit the Facebook icon) sharing or contributing if you can so afford. We still haven’t generated enough activity to have Seeker the Scow published to the site, where it will be viewed by millions.


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