19 May

Great day on Seeker.
First of all, I finished the blocking on the stern to accept the stern covering boards. Then, the planking on the transoms needed to be cut to shape. I had left them long as that’s the way it’s done. So, I took my ten and a quarter inch circular saw and bevel square and set out to make the cuts, but it was awkward, the space was too tight, and it looked like it might be too risky. I resorted to a good little hand saw, and cut port and starboard sides, fore and aft in about an hour total. I’ve been avoiding this because of the above mentioned difficulties. I should have known the handsaw was the tool. I really love using a hand saw. It’s a great tool. When I want to make a really accurate cut, I use one. It’s a lost art. Except for in the hands of boat builders and experienced woodworkers.
Then I installed the mitered skirts on the skylight hatch, and was about to head home when Ken Gillie showed up with his three inch Slick. An over sized chisel as sharp as a straight razor. We went below and I watched as he sliced the fore and aft sections of the centerboard trunk straight and true, in preparation for the the centerboard trunk posts.
Everyday something gets done that changes the appearance of the boat. Before this stage, endless work was done which wasn’t apparent to the inexperienced. So I heard comments like, “he’s never going to get that boat finished,” or, “Not much progress going on there,” to which I wanted to answer something clever like: “assface” But didn’t because I’m sure I make stupid comments about things I don’t know anything about.

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