26 May

Seeker update.
Working the quarterdeck deck beams and covering board blocking.
The oak deck beams were green when installed, and so they shrunk. Some were drier than others, so although they were installed accurately, they shrunk variously. So each one had to be raised and shimmed to perfection. After that the blocking. The Port side is raised and blocked and the Starboard side is about half raised.
The band saw blade guide assembly broke around noon, but Jake called his friend Brant Ben David, who quickly welded it back together. Good as new.
Last night after work, I attended a gathering of world class choreographers gathered by Wendy Taucher. The energy in the room was electric. Today they came down to the boat to get an idea of the kind of performances they would choreograph for performances next summer.
The day went well, and at the end, a young man named Jonah showed up to volunteer to work on the boat. He’s going to start tomorrow. Good feeling about him.

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