27 May

AN interesting day at the Seeker.
First of all, Jonah turned out to be quite the woodworker for a guy with a degree in computer science. We were working hand in glove when I went to lunch. I told him, tongue in cheek, that if I didn’t make it back before him, he could start without me. He did, and the blocking piece he cut, compound bevels at both ends, fit like a glove. Together we raised up the ends of the deck beams, and fit the whole side of blocking in one day, but the day wasn’t over.
Sidney Morris turned up with the Americorp youth, and a pair of oxen he’s been training. Turns out he had a boat to haul, the Mabel, built by the remarkable Miles Thurlow, who was born a master craftsman. I kid you not.
Anyway, Jonah and I had just finished fitting the last block, and I figured we’d better get down the beach and lend a hand. There were at least thirty people or so. Miles, myself and Malcolm Boyd helped organize the haul, the kids worked with determination and competence, Sidney had the oxen going in the right direction most of the time, and, the combination of oxen, americorp youth, tourists, and a few familiar faces, the boat came up the beach without a hitch. You don’t get to do that everyday. Look for Dick Iacovello’s photos.

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