28 May

Seeker update:
Been wrestling with materials the whole project.
The latest has been the planking for the raised fo’c’sle and quarterdeck.
I’ve been waiting for funds which have arrived, and then, I’m waiting to schedule a trip off island to buy wood that will need to be milled which will be more waiting.
Today I decided to see if there were any alternatives. Talked to my boat builder friends, Miles Thurlow and then Ross Gannon. Discovered that Ross had some wood that would work if I double up the planking. Turns out that I already have the perfect wood for the underlayment, some one inch cypress I’ve been drying for over a year. I’ll cover that with some South-American hardwood that Gannon and Benjamin have for sale, and I’ll apply marine paste between the two layers of planking that Ralph Packer donated a month or so ago.
Not wasting any time, I dug out the cypress, planed it up, and installed it on the port side raised fo’c’sle. Got two thirds of it done from noon to five. Looks great. It’s a hell of a lot easier to put up one inch planking than three inch.
The boat will transform over the next week. Pretty exciting.

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