2 Jun

I wonder if it’s not a bit redundant, these updates on the Seeker.
Lately, for me, the work has been tremendously rewarding, in that the shape of the boat is now revealed. This week the first layer of planking has been started and completed on the port side, and I’ve got the quarterdeck planking started on the starboard.
I can’t tell you how annoying it is to hear the scow being referred to as Noah’s ark. The reason I find it annoying is simple. The scow is an elegant object with the most sweeping lines. From the ground looking up, it’s impossible to see the exquisite sheer. Soon enough, the boat will be in the water, and the graceful curves that allow it’s agility, it’s seaworthy and seakindlyness will be obvious. Until then, I’ll have to bear the comments which diminish the lovely lines of this emerging tall ship.
During the first eighteen months, the work has been arduous. Each task monumental in it’s approach. It wouldn’t be if I had a team of seasoned boat-builders. A team bears down on the difficult parts and makes it more like a sporting event than a battle. But when one man, ably assisted by the likes of Wayne Sweezy, or Ken Gillies, has to install frame after frame, plank after plank, to the last syllable of……well, at least it starts to feel that way.
Now, however, the work is divided into more discreet segments, each visible, which helps, and certainly manageable. It’s the mental aspect of building a tall ship under a deadline that reveals one’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m aware of my weaknesses, and use that knowledge as a tool to trick myself into overcoming them. For instance, the planking was such a daunting task, the planks up to twenty-two feet long and each nearly as heavy as I, that I simply announced that I would finish the planking in forty five days. Was very vocal about that. So, each day I had to keep my word or look like a moke. I played hardball. The boat got planked. I didn’t make it in forty-five days, I think it took more like fifty-five, but that never mattered. What mattered was that my spirit remained intact, overriding the tendency to flag.
That’s enough. That’s the game. It’s one of the ways that I play.

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