6 Jun

The last of the first layer of the double planking goes on today. It’s exciting to see the beautiful lines of the boat revealed. For the first time, yesterday, a couple of guys came by and commented on the beauty of the boat.
Found some twenty-four foot Douglas Fir at a local lumber yard that will be perfect for the outer planking. Douglas Fir is a favored boat building material int on the west coast. It’s not that prevalent over here. Boat builders like local mills and we just don’t have those trees here. Douglas Fir is used for long framing lumber, and sometimes it comes through fairly clear, or just with pin knots, which actually make a wood stronger, interrupting the fibers and making it harder to split. The nice thing about the Douglas Fir we were able to get locally, is that it’s dry, and already in the dimension required. I don’t even have to plane it. Just shape it and install.
Jonah is proving to be a real asset. Smart, willing, and with the kind of hustle that is really appreciated. Well, it’s time to plank.

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