8 Jun

We had fun today at the Seeker.
Jonah and I installed all but one plank run on the starboard raised Fo’c’sle.
We’ll finish up tomorrow, then head to the starboard quarterdeck.
Meanwhile, Carlton Sprague and his son were cutting up a big pine log that needed to be finished in order to clear the saw for cutting the oak flitches into planks for the centerboard trunk.
A first. We had a Duke University Professor of Neuro-pharmasuetical Science installing bungs. She was great. Thanks Shelly Bloom. She was fast and accurate, as all the bungs are installed with the grain.
Meanwhile we had an artist doing a fine old painting of Jonah and I as we worked. I only caught his first name, but he has my information and I’m going to post the painting. He’s good.
The usual visits by both tourists and locals alike filled out the day.
tomorrow we start again.

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