8 Jun

The sun is out, my mother is fed, and the Seeker beckons.
The first smell of Douglas Fir, the planking wood I’m presently working with, always brings me back to when I was fourteen, building my first boat. It’s amazing how smells can be so potently connected to memory.
I remember well, day after day, building that boat. Figuring things out. I had no one to turn to. I liked it that way though. I wanted the boat to be mine from the first piece to the last. That’s the way it ought to be, I think. When young, we need the sense of accomplishment that performing a “great” task brings.
Building the Seeker has it’s roots in those days when a fourteen year old struggled with new tasks. Like then, I would have built the boat by myself, if needed. I was prepared to. But the blessing, the gift of living on Martha’s VIneyard, and the gift Ernie Boch Jr. gave the island by allowing the boat to be built where it is, has been the many volunteers, too many to mention, who have shared the dream and put their hands to work.
The wind has died down, the sun is wrestling it’s way through the clouds, and the Seeker needs whoever shows up to continue it’s forming.
Congratulations to a best friend and his dear wife, on their 45th anniversary. Rick and Ellen. Hard to believe the length of time. It’s not just the anniversary, or the years that distinguish the relationship. It’s the love that still blossoms….

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