15 Jun

Good day at the Seeker.
Better day at the Gannon and Benjamin boatyard. An all Island party accompanied the launching of the whaleboat built there. Nat gave a good talk, and Mathew Stackpole read the names of and ages of the first crew to set sail on the mother ship, the Charles Morgan, about 122 years ago. I was amazed to learn that at least half of the men who sailed on her, weren’t men at all, but were boys. Several were fifteen, at least half were seventeen or under.
There were enough people present that we were able to pick up the 28 foot whaleboat and carry her to the water. I think there were at least twenty men to a side.
The boat didn’t leak a drop. In no time at all, the oars were set in the oar locks, the rudder installed in the gudgeons, and the boat took off for it’s maiden row.
Only on the Vineyard.
Meanwhile, over on the Seeker site, Nate Sprague sawed up the big pine log that had the sawmill jammed up, and tomorrow, we’re going to cut out the stock for the fashion piece, which, for those of you who don’t know, as I didn’t until Captain Bob Douglas informed me, is the curved piece that extends from the stem, giving the bow her distinctive schooner shape.
If this still doesn’t make sense, wait a few days, and Dick will post it.
I’m sure Dick must have posted the launching of the whaleboat. Nothing escapes the attention of Montuse.

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