19 Jun

Today on the Seeker.
Today was a day that will leave it’s tracks on my memory.
Up until recently, Wayne Sweezy was gritting his teeth through the most difficult tasks, such as making up hundreds of bronze bolts, or cutting thousands of bungs, or helping me lift, fit, measure and wrestle the scow into shape. But Wayne isn’t fond of scaffolding. So, much of above the ground has been done by me, with the occasional help of volunteers.
Today all that changed. Jonah, our new intern, seems to have decided that he’s a boat builder. Today, after I fit a plank, Jonah smeared on the double plank compound, and after I helped him clamp it in place, he drilled all the holes so that I could drive the 31/2 inch heavy duty bronze screws. Only I was busy cutting out some more planks. I heard the impact driver setting screws. It wasn’t my hands that were on it. It was Jonahs. It’s very tricky setting such large screws. Especially as they’re slotted. One slip and you screw up the plank.
Jonah didn’t slip. So, Wayne and I worked on the ground, in our usual hand and glove fashion, as Jonah installed the planks. We covered a lot of ground. For the first time, I’ve felt like we have a professional planking crew, and there’s a lot of planking yet to go. We’ll finish up the double planking by Friday, then, Jonah leaves for a week, but, Wayne is preparing the tongue and groove bulkhead planking, so when Jonah’s gone, I’ll plank up the fo’c’sle and quarterdeck exterior bulkheads. When Jonah gets back, we’ll finish up the planking on the Starboard side bottom that I was going to have kiln dried, about four rows of planking. It turns out that the planking dried on it’s own, and doesn’t need to go to the kiln.
Good times at the boat shed

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