22 Jun

Seeker update.
Where do I start?
The planking went well today. The difficult aspect of double planking is applying the double plank paste which goes between the planks and prevents rot. I watched how much fun Jonah wasn’t having applying it, and decided a new tool was needed, not one you can buy, but one you can make. So, a long handled spatula was made which worked perfectly. Didn’t even need gloves.
Meanwhile, Carlton Sprague and his son, Nate, arrived cut out the remaining large oak tapered blocks that Wayne needed to finish the “fashion piece,’ or the stem extension.
Wayne fit the pieces, but we were still one shy, and so the search was on for a suitable piece. We found it buried in a stack of wood. A chunk of oak about weighing about four hundred pounds. We used pipe rollers to roll it out of it’s hiding place, then cut it to a size which made it barely manageable. We then did a lot of cutting on it, and finally shaped it to fit the most forward and final piece of the “fashion piece.” Soon you’ll see it installed, and all of this will make sense. I’m sure Dick will include a photo of it in it’s present state, as it’s quite a dramatic piece of sculpture.
Jonah has left for a week, and Nate the tall has arrived. I don’t know his last name yet, but he was at a talk I gave a week ago at the Oak Bluffs Library, and true to his word of that night, he showed up ready to work. Good thing too, as we needed his muscle. He stepped right in and was a welcome player. He’s only going to be here a few days this time, but he’s always welcome.
Many people showed up at the boat, and the donation box that Wayne had previously made started to fill.
Summer on the Vineyard.

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