22 Jun

Update Seeker.
The double planking is almost done. Jonah has somehow morphed into a boat builder. It’s interesting. He just keeps assuming that he can do things that usually take quite a while to master.
A couple of days ago, a young fellow turned up with his father. Kevin by name. He didn’t have any experience with tools, but when he put his hand on a hammer, it seemed like he was reacquainting with an old friend. I don’t think either he or his father realized just how remarkable his dexterity was. I’ve used a hammer my whole life, and he was doing something that I only do on good days. Makes you smile. I expect to see him some time next week. They’re coming back for a few days to put in bungs.
Went out to the Shenandoah yesterday to take a pattern of the ships boarding ladder. The Seeker needs several, and Captain Bob Douglas invited me aboard to study the the Topsail Schooners ladder, one Bob assured me was traditional. It’s always a pleasure to board the Shenandoah. Anyway, I wasn’t all that impressed with the lines of the ladder, and I asked Wayne Sweezy to do his usual research. Wayne has discovered, from his ship model building, that an exhaustive data of authenticity from the days of the tall ships, is in the books dedicated to model building. He showed me one of them and I was amazed at the detail to the most minute details of the ships of yesteryear.
On an amusing note, I’ve placed one of my pieces of driftwood furniture out by the road with information about the project. So far, a half a dozen women have come by wanting to buy the piece. They don’t see the boat. It’s the furniture that catches their attention. I’m sure Dick will post a photo.

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