23 Jun

Yet another Seeker update.
Today was all about the fashion piece. I have a suspicion it’s spelled differently, but until I get confirmation, I’m sticking with the spelling.
Dick will provide photos.
We bolted all the pieces Wayne fit together, and then developed a fair curve using a limber batten. (you place nails in a curve, and send the batten through to fair up the curve. Think a thin stick making a gentle curve, and the nails holding it in place.) After we had it fit, we took it apart, cut the pieces on the bandsaw, then put it back together.
By this time it was lunch time. After lunch, Ken Gillies came by with his amazing six and twelve inch power planers. Ken and I planed the taper into the piece, while Jake, Nate and Wayne, provided able hands and muscle.
While Ken and I finished up the planing, Wayne laid out the pattern for the ships ladders. Meanwhile, Margo Sweezy was giving tours, as was Paul Antonelli, and by the end of the day, the donation box that Wayne built had nearly one hundred dollars in it.
Tomorrow, we’re going to give it our best to install the fashion piece on the stem. When it’s installed, no one will have to ask which end is the bow.

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