28 Jun

The work on the Seeker continues.
We finished the planking on the raised fo’c’sle and quarterdeck. And finally, we’ve gotten to the last section of bottom planking on the Starboard side, which entailed cutting and shaping the side planking in a perfect fair curve, from stem to stern. It was a bit grueling, as the ten inch Milwaukee skill saw is difficult to hold in such an awkward position.
Anyway, with Bill Thompson’s help, the rough cut was made. It’s a continually changing bevel, so the saw had to be adjusted twenty times.
After that, while Wayne and Bill set up an assembly line to produce the splined bulkhead staving, I worked over the rough cut side planking, fairing it to the chine (Where the side of the boat meets the bottom) until the curve from fore to aft was a perfect sweeping curve. A little touch up to do, and then the bottom four rows of bottom planking can be finished.

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