30 Jun

Seeker update:
Was finishing up the planking last week, when Captain David Dutra, of the Richard and Arnold out of Provincetown, dropped in to see the progress.
It was great to see him, and also to hear that the Richard and Arnold got a new lease on life. She had taken some damage after a collision, and David had her glassed. The only way to glass over an old wooden boat, is to use the boat as a plug, and apply enough glass to make a fiberglass boat.
David is one of the last of my friends to still be going to sea. He caught me up with news from Ptown, and had a lot of good things to say about the Seeker.
I had done a lot of work on the Richard and Arnold back in the seventies, when she was owned by Captain Alfred Silva. I loved the boat as she was built as a schooner, but never sailed as such. She was built before they realized that powerboats could benefit from different lines.
I can’t see how Captain Dutra can make a living off the boat, as he’s limited to !2,000 pounds of fish per year. We would have caught that in three days back when I was fishing on the Liberty, with Capt. Norbert Macara.
So talked about the old days, and old friends, losses and gains.
Working on the bulkheads. Jonah gets back on Tuesday, and we’ll start planking the last four strakes. (Strake is an old term for plank.)

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