3 Jul

Seeker the Scow.
Good day today, but that’s because Wayne, who’s back in New Jersey for a couple of weeks, and Bill Thompson, bore down and milled out ninety pieces of bulkhead staves, complete with grooves and splines. (Spines are thin pieces of wood that fit in adjacent grooves, matching two boards together
and rendering them watertight.) This is hand repetitive work that has no glory in it. But it has to be done, and Wayne and Bill have the kind of grit that allows them to wade through difficult work. It saved me three days of milling. As it was, I was able to install all the bulkhead pieces on the raised fo’c’sle and quarterdeck, with the able and agile assistance of Jonah, fresh back from San Francisco. It’s always interesting how a task evolves. At first, it’s construction, but soon, it becomes production, that is, if you use your brain. That’s the part that I enjoy the most now. Fitting wood is no longer engaging. The thrill of seeing two pieces fit together perfectly, is gone. Not to say it isn’t pleasing. The thrill is in figuring out how to do something more efficiently, easier, and quicker. By the end of the day, we were cutting and fitting boards so fast it looked like time lapse.
It’s timely, this influx of talented workers.
Tim also was a great help. He cleaned all the double plank compound that squeezed out during installation, and then he cleaned the shop. He’s such a detail guy.
Special thanks to Paul for his guided tours and attention to the donation box.
Dick Iacovello, along with being the project photographer, is also a life saver. Usually, he shows up with an organic fresh fruit/vege shake which gives Jonah and I a much needed second wind.
That’s it for now. Next up, finishing up the last four rows of botton planking.

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