7 Jul

Seeker update:
Things give the impression of fast motion now. Building a boat is a process that seems to go in fits and starts, but that’s not true. Every day, the same amount of work gets done, it’s just that for sometimes months on end, it seems like very little is happening. That’s because there are so many pieces that make up a boat, and some are very visible, like the planking, and some are almost invisible, like the blocking and fairing, and pre-planking preparation that is time consuming, and only rewarding to the doer. Many times during the winter, when I was fighting cold, floods, wind and snow, people would make comments about how nothing was happening. Now, almost daily, big appearing pieces are taking place. Last week, a couple of young men showed up with a desire to work. I could tell right off that they were seasoned men. I handed each of them a small electric planer, and withing three or four hours, they had planed and smoothed about two thirds of the port side of the scow. It looks beautiful. SO, thanks, David Tracy and Renier Semprum.
Meanwhile, Jonah and I are running through the planking on the Starboard side. We’ll have it all planked up in a couple more days. Tim is installing bungs, as are many others, including a Boy Scout Troop that did some great volunteer work. Two young men made bungs on the drill press, around four hundred of them, and the other four or five guys installed bungs. They were pretty tentative climbing around the boat at first, but soon were climbing around like monkeys.
Good times.
Tomorrows another day.

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