9 Jul

Seeker update:
Had a great visit from Craig and Peggy Ashworth. Craig’s a good friend, but I hadn’t met his wife. Instant family.
Work on the Seeker continues. Really have to mention Bill Thompsons’ contribution. He’s been planing the port side. First he finished off the side, then, without any hesitation, he started on the bottom. After a while, a good man develops a system. Bills’ system is figure out the most efficient way of doing a thing, and then work like a machine until it’s done. Today, he planed two thirds of the bottom, a lot of the time, laying on his back, with planer shavings falling like a blizzard on steroids. He just flat out doesn’t quit.
Jonah continues to demonstrate skills beyond any reasonable expectation given his experience. We’ve developed an ease between us that makes the work flow. It’s rare, and I’m thankful.
One single plank and the planking is done. It’s traditional to have a celebration when the “shutter” plank is installed. I don’t know about anyone else, but, I’ll be celebrating.
More to come.

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