13 Jul

Today we tool a break from the Seeker to help out Sidney Morris at the Farm Institute. He’s the educational director, and part of his educational mission is to include young people in the process of whatever it is that needs to be done. In this instance, what was needed was a greenhouse. Last year, Ken Gillies and I helped get it started. It was a great teaching opportunity for all involved. This year, we brought the A-team, and just did our thing. Pat Brown, Ken Gillies, Jonah Stiennon, and I set the heavy four-by-eight rafters that the glass sits on, and then we fit in the collar ties. We had fun and the job got done. One more small step for a green planet.
Sidney is committed to teaching in ways that have made him the favorite teacher of many young people. His love for the sea has led him to start a non-profit, Vineyard Voyagers, dedicated to connecting kids with the real world of the sea. We have a lot more than friendship in common, and look forward to partnering in the future.

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