15 Jul

Update on Seeker:
Well, anyone passing by the Seeker now sees a beautiful curvaceous ship, all planed up and looking so good.
Meanwhile, the bottom is being caulked. Duane Case, our expert caulker is making music with his ringing caulking mallet. Mallet’s were always made of hardwood, both so they would last, but also so they would produce a ringing sound that would change in pitch when the caulking was driven home. It doesn’t take an expert to hear the difference. Duane is quite competent, and his swings his mallet with a steady pleasing rhythm. Caulking overhead is hard work. Thanks Duane.
Jonah, our intrepid intern, let’s no task daunt him. He planed the entire starboard side of the boat starting Sunday, and finishing today. It looks beautiful. Nate III (the third Nate to join the party) has started planing the Starboard bottom. It also looks great.
Carlton Sprague and his son Nate are sawing out the pieces for the centerboard trunk and the Sampson posts. Meanwhile, I’m fairing up the waist in preparation for covering boards and planking.
Progress, progress, progress. It’s great.

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