18 Jul

Yesterday on the Vineyard.
Started out with a great day on the Seeker. Jonah, the twins, Dillon and Skylar, and I tackled the railings in the waist, (the lowered deck amidships.) The deck beams had shrunk due to them being installed in various stages of dryness, or wetness as was more the case. So, they we had to glue shims to make up the difference. Then we installed the stanchions, (the posts that will hold the railing,) which had to be plumb and fair to the curve of the hull. Finally, and it all came together in the last five minutes, we clamped a plank to the outside to true the curve. Today we’ll bolt up the stanchions and then repeat the process which Jonah has already started on the port side. The conversations are priceless.
After boat building, Jonah, Dillon, Skylar and I joined our improv dance group that meets on Wednesdays. Had a great session accompanied by the avant garde guitar music of Bruce MacNally. Got some good work done towards a performance we’re preparing for at the Yard, later this summer.
Then, as Jonah and the twins headed back to Vineyard Haven, I, in boat building rags, attended what I thought would be a cocktail party with the opera singers who will be appearing at Featherstone in early August, only to be privy to an incredible performance of world-class opera in an intimate setting, a house that appeared to have been built with opera in mind: three balconies overlooking a living room. It was incredibly moving.
Then back home to my 91 year old mother who loves watching mixed martial arts cage fighting, which is precisely what she was doing until I tucked her in bed, as she once did me.

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