21 Aug

Last night I sat on my balcony overlooking the lagoon.

the lively wind, balanced between cool and warm,
gentled my body, reminding me of my kinship with all that surrounds.
the full moon captured my gaze and held me in thoughtless calm,
the rippling surface of the saltwater lagoon, divided the moonlight into separate spectacles that pleased me back to my days as a boy, staring in equal wonder at the canal behind my house when sleepless from the August heat, I’d climb onto the roof and survey my domain.
The turmoil of my days, as I attempt to constrain the chaos of projects that become self enlivened, do not enter this nights contemplation, as the day is different from the night, and should not borrow from it’s delight.

Today, however, is different from the night, and I will, as always, allow the nights calm to seep into my endeavors.

It was good to see Wayne Sweezy up, around and looking good as he heals from broken ribs. Made all of us down at the Seeker quite happy.

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