22 Aug

Seeker update,
if one were to read the times: http://www.mvtimes.com/2013/08/21/ernie-boch-asks-boat-builder-seek-new-home-scow-16994/
Then you will know the latest twist in the story of the Seeker.
As the article states, Ernie wants his land back. Understandable. Truly, the biggest challenge of building the Seeker was finding a location. It’s too big to travel down the road. Ernie Boch Jr. solved provided that location, and has extended the lease several times.
In addition, the conservation commission, whose task it is to protect the fragile ecology of the Vineyard, will have to approve moving the boat in the only direction it can and must travel. To the harbor.
The problem is, that not only have I had to build the boat, but, also, to raise the money for her various stages. The latest expense is caulking the seams. The boat must be caulked in order for it to float. I’ve been very lucky to have the services of Duane Case, one of the last of the professional caulkers. I can caulk, but there are so many other things to do before the boat can be launched, that I’ve been happy to hire Duane. The problem with hiring someone is you have to pay them. I had to ask Duane to take a little hiatus, as I needed to raise additional funds. Luckily, one of my driftwood furniture pieces has sold, and so I can catch up with his wages.
Before I can get the conservation commission to act on my request, I need to get Ernie Boch Jrs. permission to move the boat from the front of his property to the beach, permission he hasn’t as yet granted, as he wants the boat gone completely.
There is a simple reality behind all of this. The boat will get launched when it is launch ready. Meanwhile, along with everything else on my plate, I have to deal with this situation with grace, as everyone involved has treated me with great kindness.
Meanwhile the guard rails look great. Really defines the lines of this beautiful boat.
It looks like I’m going to have to take out my caulking mallet. There’s just too much to caulk and too little time to do it in.

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