24 Aug

Interesting week at the Seeker.
After the article in the times, the usual comments. Most supportive, yet some negative. When I think of all of the people who I’ve been privileged to get to know as a result of the project, that alone is priceless. Many of those relationships will last out my lifetime. The incredible satisfaction of creating something as beautiful as the Seeker, a dream for me, has also become a dream for many others. It’s an amazing time, like a fountain of good. I feel so bad for the people who look at this historic event and only see something to criticize. What happened to them? I bet, if we could see the events that broke their childhood sense of wonder, we would feel the greatest compassion. That’s what I try to remember when I read disparaging comments.
The guard rails are installed as is the composite stern knee. Today, got a lot done on a beam that will brace and support the main mast and it’s relationship to the quarterdeck bulkhead.
While the winds of uncertainty whirl, I don’t. I know the path and will simply tread it. The inevitable roadblocks will be resolved.

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