25 Aug

Art is an elusive term.
I know several artists well. One, Richard Iammarino, had a powerful impact on my life. Other’s like Lew French, inspire.
My own art has is in collections around the world, simply because my love of the sea is imbued therein. I’m always amazed at the gift of creativity. When confronted by something that rings with it’s own sense of beauty, we can’t help but gape in wonder. It’s difficult for art to reach the level of a beautiful sunset, or fireworks on a clear night, but, art does reach the deepest places of our consciousness, and often alters our relationship with the world. I thinks that’s what ennobles art, that it raises us to a higher level. I’m sure we’ve all been affected by books in that way.
Last night, Dan Martino, the gifted young man who’s doing the documentary on the Seeker, sent me the five minute trailer that he’s prepared for the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. I was not prepared for the level of art that met my eyes. It’s about the building of the Seeker, but really, it’s about a gift that Dan Martino brings to the genre. You will be absolutely delighted with his work. Once it’s aired at the Festival, I’ll be able to share it with everyone.

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