27 Aug

It’s raining.
I’m sitting at my computer, mustering the energy to head down to the Seeker.
It just isn’t inviting.
But, even in my earliest memories, I was cursed with a determination that was often my undoing. One must develop discernment so that unleashing an unwillingness to quit, doesn’t attach to unrealistic or unworthy endeavors.
The Seeker is the culmination of all of my wins and losses, for without doubt, both have formed (I could have said, “Informed” but then I would think of my self as an ass) my ability and desire to make the last chapters of my life, the one’s most expressed.
Watching the trailer of Dan Martino’s documentary, “The Zen of Boat Building,” I realized that the impact it had on me. It put the creative impulse into greater perspective. Anyone seeing the film will be impressed to some degree with the subject matter. But those who understand art, will see that the subject is the artists model, and the real story is the film itself. That’s what distinguishes art films. The film is engaging, and the audience, if the film achieves it’s purpose, sits with wonder at the unfolding story. What is often forgotten, is the artist: the filmmaker who tells the story. Because it is a story, and the telling is not just in words, but in the entire spectrum of the visual.
So, when this trailer is being viewed, I’m asking everyone who does so, to think about my young friend Dan Martino, and his amazing gift, which, luckily for us, he’s been destined to share through cinematography.
The film festival is in a few weeks. Once it’s aired, I’ll post it.

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