1 Sep

Last night was magical.
The Yard, a contemporary artist residency, dance and performance center, produced a performance that captured the attention of all who attended. The faces of the audience as they left left no doubt.
Up until last night, I would have said that my performing there was an act of kindness, compounded by the lack of male dancers of any age.
But last night was different. Sandy Broyard, an accomplished Julliard alumni who has spent her life honing her art form, my partner in a improvisational duet, was superb. Somehow, I was swept into a state of dance that was unmistakable, even to my vocal self critic. Everything we’ve been working on coalesced. You know when you’ve accomplished something beyond your ability. It has a ring that stands alone.
The night was filled with amazing performances by deeply talented dancers, both interns and staff collaborating to produce remarkable results.
But what was just as wonderful, David White, Artistic and executive directer, both Friday and Saturday nights, made an eloquent fundraising appeal for the Seeker project. Last night that appeal led to a donation of five thousand dollars.
David has been a dedicated supporter of the Seeker project, and we are planning on dance performances aboard the Seeker the summer of 2014.

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